Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why do I need extra vitamins and minerals?

+ Should I get my vitamins from food or from supplements?

+ Are chocolate and coffee better than vitamins as an energy source?

+ Can I take Supradyn every day?

+ What time of the day should I take Supradyn?

+ What does RDA mean?

+ Should I be concerned that Supradyn contains levels of vitamins above the RDA?

+ Is it normal that Supradyn has changed the colour of my urine?

+ Does Supradyn contain lactose?

+ Does Supradyn contain gluten?

+ Does Supradyn contain yeast?

+ Is Supradyn suitable for diabetics?

+ Is Supradyn suitable for children?

+ Can I use Supradyn during pregnancy?

+ Can I use Supradyn whilst breastfeeding?